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General Dentistry Services

Dr. Major and her team at Sandy Hill Dental Centre offer patients in Ottawa various general dentistry services, including dental hygiene, fillings, and crowns.

Sandy Hill Dental Centre General Dentistry


One of the best ways to manage and repair tooth decay is by cleaning out and filling the affected area. > Learn More

Dental Hygiene

An at-home dental hygiene routine, supplemented by regular visits to the dentist for cleanings, can be an effective way to maintain strong, healthy teeth. > Learn More

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be a stable and natural-looking solution for your damaged teeth. > Learn More


Dentures can be an affordable option for replacing missing teeth, whether you're missing only one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of them. > Learn More

Dental Bridges

Sandy Hill Dental Centre offers dental bridges for patients who have missing teeth, and who want to maintain the structure of their smiles with the extra support that bridges provide. > Learn More

Root Canal Therapy

In situations where the soft inner tissue (or pulp) of a tooth becomes diseased or damaged, Dr. Major will likely perform a root canal in order to prevent the infection from worsening. > Learn More

Tooth Removal

Sometimes, when a tooth is damaged beyond repair, or when it is causing discomfort and damage to other teeth, Dr. Major can perform a tooth extraction to restore the health of a patient's smile. > Learn More

Learn About Our Cosmetic Dental Services

Featured Services

Sandy Hill Dental Centre offers a range of dentistry services for children, adults, and seniors.

General Dentistry

General Dentistry

We provide our patients with fillings for cavities, or crowns for broken or cracked teeth that need to be fixed.

Cosmetic Dental Services, Ottawa Dentist

Cosmetic Services

Sandy Hill Dental offers cosmetic services including teeth whitening, veneers and implants.

Invisalign®, Sandy Hill Dental Centre, Ottawa


We offer Invisalign® services for patients looking for orthodontic solutions for their smiles.

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