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Dental Hygiene & X-Rays

Sandy Hill Dental Centre’s dental hygienists can help you maintain your oral hygiene through regular examinations and cleaning appointments.

At Sandy Hill Dental Centre, we'll evaluate what your particular risks and needs are and can tailor your oral health care and dental cleanings. Our dental hygienists can help guide you through at-home maintenance to help you take care of your oral health between appointments.

How do we clean your teeth?

At your appointment, your dental hygienist begins with a soft tissue examination and then screens for signs of gum disease or other pre-existing conditions. Next, she will remove soft deposits (i.e., plaque) and hard deposits (i.e., tartar, calculus or stains) from your teeth to help prevent or delay the progression of gum disease.

From our exam, your dental hygienist and dentist should have the knowledge to provide treatment options for a variety of conditions, including dry mouth, gum disease, bad breath, plaque, and tartar.

What are some things that our dental hygienists will teach you?

Dental Hygienists can teach you:

• How to brush your teeth

• How to floss your teeth

• How to prevent gum disease

What are digital x-rays?

Traditional x-rays differ from digital x-rays in the way that the image and information are stored. Using digital x-rays we will be able to access your files quickly. Through the use of x-rays, we are able to get a picture of your smile which should allow us to detect problems and monitor your progress.

Are digital x-rays safe?

All x-rays produce some amount of radiation, however, the amount is very low. The Sandy Hill Dental team will strive to take every measure to ensure you are exposed to the least amount of radiation possible.

Why should I get a digital x-ray?

We rely on x-rays to see things we are not able to see during a visual examination. X-rays can give us the ability to see and diagnose problems including cavities and damage to jaw bones that support teeth. We can also detect problems below your gum line, broken tooth roots, and impacted teeth using digital x-rays.  

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